These are few good birthday surprise ideas for wife or girlfriend. These are just my way so by getting inspired from the list you can make your own surprises. I hope you will enjoy reading the list.

       1. Shopping surprise

You might be thinking what could be a shopping surprise, its just a whole in my pocket, nothing else, LOL. But no guys, this is something different.

The idea is very simple at the same time it is Unique. You have to choose a shopping mall or shopping supermarket place where you can find a lot of shops.

Pick every shop from the place and talk to every shop keeper. Tell them that you will take your girlfriend or wife for birthday shopping and then they have to give the birthday greeting card to her that you will give those shop keepers.

Sounds interesting, it is. You have to convince the shop keepers to give her the wishing card and just wish her with a smile.

        2. Tell Her Acquaintance and Colleagues

She might be working or might be a student that I really don’t know, but what I know is in both the cases she must be having acquaintance, friends or colleagues.

So find out who they are and tell them in advance to wish her in her work or study place. If you want to make it really a big surprise, then tell every possible person around her to wish her.

That will be really big birthday surprise for her and when she will tell you that someone have told her mates about the birthday, then you can disclose that this has been done by you and that it will be a surprise for her.

        3. Cake print from her favorites

Do you know who is her favorite movie celebrity? Or may be, what is her favorite place, thing or person. I am sure you know about it.

If not then you first have to know about it because my idea is to Print the cake with her “favorites”.

You can choose anything from celebrity to her close friends, from any favorite place to any object. Or you can also use all of them.

You can get it done from any cake store, they will help you in it. Now imagine how surprise she will be to see the cake with something printed that she loves.

        4. Throw a Surprise Party

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This is specially for all husbands who are up for some birthday surprise ideas for their wife. The idea is kind of weird, but a women will love to see his man organizing the house stuff.

It is believed that men are more unorganized then a woman. I know you might agree with me.

Your wife might have scolded you a lot of times for putting your stuff here and there in the house or room, she might be irritated with your habit and now she might be tired of telling you again and again.

So that’s the perfect time to surprise her by organizing all the things to the right place may be when she is asleep or out of home.

I gave this idea to my friend for her wife. You know what, she really got surprised to see all things at the right place, actually to be true she really didn’t believed at first that this has been done by his husband, LOL.

But later he told her wife that he has done this for her birthday and it was a birthday surprise for her. She really loved it and still remember that birthday just because of this.

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           5. First Morning Meal 

This is one is also for husband, but boyfriends don’t feel left out because you can also do this.

As you can judge from the title itself that you have cook her first morning meal. She cook for you and your family for years, why not to give her a treat on her birthday just by cooking something for the morning meal.

You can cook something for her when she is asleep, make all the things ready. Present in a nice way and tell her that its just for the lovely lady’s birthday.

Few years back I have backed and made few dishes for my girlfriend, I know it was not that good but she still loved it as I made my hard efforts to do this for her.

You an also tell her that how much you care for her just by cooking something for her.

           6. Notes

It is one of the very interesting idea that I would like to share with you. For this plan you have to make different birthday notes for your wife. In every note, write different messages, you can write anything you want to say her.

Just write different things on different note paper. Now after you make 10 to 15 notes, then you have to hide it in her personal things, she uses i.e – Purse, Clutch, pocket. Or any place she spend most of her time i.e – Her working desk, kitchen, bathroom, etc..

Now that’s it, your work is done, the whole day she will reach out to these notes and this will surely make her day with this cute surprise.

           7. Her Parents Portrait

You might gifted her a lot of things in past for her birthday but I am sure you have not gifted her parents portrait ever, am I right?

Girls or women are always attached to parents, you can go anywhere but you will find the same everywhere.

They are really attached to their parents, so now you know the real trick why I told you to gift her parents portrait.  She will be very surprise to see that portrait as a gift for her birthday.

I have got this ideas from my friend who have just did it for her girlfriend’s birthday. She was really surprised to see her parents Portrait.

Tip: For this you need to have his parents picture to get it portrait digitally or on paper. And to find her parents portrait you can check out her phone or social account from where you can get it. ]

Here Are Some More Such Kind Of Birthday Gift Options For Her.

       Place a special delivery at work

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It is always good to celebrate birthday on a holiday but when it comes on a week day which is a working day then you can warmly celebrate her birthday with the office staff under office lights.

Decorate the office and her space in the office and add sparkle to her birthday with the special delivery of balloons, flowers, cupcakes,fruit bouquets. She would just love the special treat which she gets from her friends and office colleagues on her birthday.Send her an astonishing gift the surprise balloon box with the surprise card to express your feeling. Send the Surprise box to her work

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